Led Aesthetic Cute Horde Symbol Neon Flex Light Sign For Home Room Wall Decor Kawaii Anime Bedroom Decoration Mural Outdoor


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Height 40cmheight 50cmHeight 60ccm

Warm lights light up your life

  • Fantastic neon lights replace boring desk lamps and add color to the darkest rooms

  • Neon lights give you a feeling of being surrounded by brightness, hope and happiness

  • Decorate your house, decorate your world, let warm light illuminate your beautiful living space


1.Material: Acrylic

2.Color: As Shown

3.Size: as shown

4.Application: Indoor

5.Power supply mode: Plug Powered

6.Input: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz

Output: DC 12V

7.acrylic shape : cut to shape


Customization is always welcome .

The color and size of this neon light can be customized.

If you need to customize others, please contact us and tell us what you want:

1.Text(or picture) 2.Size 3.Color 4.Font


Durable & Energy-Saving

• After long time use, it won't get hot and hot, safe and reliable

• The power consumption is lower than that of traditional neon lights, and it has a long life, energy saving and power saving

• The light brightness is stable, will not flicker, will not dim

Easy to install

• There are two pre-drilled holes on the upper part of the neon light, which is very easy to install.

• You can also put it on a shelf, computer desk, or placed in the game room to make your space more colorful.

Package Included:

1 X Neon Sign Light

1 X Correct Plug normal Adapter

1 X Hanging Set Accessories ( Floating Sliver Screw and Sliver Chain)

Creative Design

The neon light is designed with anime characters, which is very creative, suitable for decorating your bedroom, game room, and can also be placed on your computer table.

Warm and gorgeous colors, bring you more fantastic reveries.








acrylic , neon tube




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